Tips for non surgical hair replacement

Hair loss has been considered as one of the most devastating experience that anyone could handle. The fact that all of us are so into looking good and feel good about ourselves, we want our hair to look shiny and healthy. But what will happen if we start to lose our hair? Can we bear […]

Hair restoration for women – which options do you have?

Hair loss in women is often a condition that is less noticeable than it is with men. As a result of this rarity as well as the less noticeable aspect of hair loss, women can experience more emotional trauma as a result of hair loss. Because this condition is rare women often have fewer options […]

androgens how much hair loss is normal

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal

Hair is beauty and more so healthy hair is quite fantastic and adds to the physical appearance of a person. Many people especially ladies would stop at nothing to ensure that their hair is long, shiny and healthy. Cash and time is spent in the process but inevitable hair loss can occur at any time […]