How Much Hair Loss Is Normal

how much hair loss is normal

Hair is beauty and more so healthy hair is quite fantastic and adds to the physical appearance of a person. Many people especially ladies would stop at nothing to ensure that their hair is long, shiny and healthy. Cash and time is spent in the process but inevitable hair loss can occur at any time and can be quite devastating to an individual who values her hair. It is therefore healthy to know how much hair loss is normal.

Numerous factors contribute to hair loss and they include old age, improper use of relaxers, negligence, continuous plaiting of hair without giving time to relax and constant exposure of hair to heat through blow-dry. However the best way to conquer hair loss is to find out the cause of hair loss and employ the necessary steps to stop further hair loss.

how much hair loss is normal

Is Hair Loss Normal?

In trichology, a term referring to the scientific study of hair, temporary baldness is considered normal. Temporary baldness lasts for a short period as long as individual identifies what could have triggered the problem. Temporary baldness is associated with emotional stress, trauma on the head and hair, hormone imbalance and lack of proper diet, which in turn leads to weak keratin production. Lack of keratin and destruction of outer layer of keratin, a protein found in hair and nails can lead to hair loss causing temporary baldness.

Medical facts state that to loose a few strands of hair is normal but a lot of strands that may amount to hundreds is non normal at all. It could be triggered by a hormone imbalance in the body. When an imbalance occurs the hair happens to thin and finally hair loss occurs. The situation can be corrected medically by taking progesterone in order to balance hormones in women. Hair loss due to hormone imbalance is a temporary situation and once it is corrected, normal hair growth is achieved.

Hair Loss and Baldness

The other inevitable normal hair loss is due to old age. Old is gold but it comes with its undesired effects. Permanent baldness as a result of old age occurs to almost every individual. This is attributed to the fact that androgens, male hormones which promote hair growth tend to be less active during old age thus leading to thinning of hair and finally hair loss at the top of the scalp. However the situation is considered normal and all an individual has to do, is accept the situation and be happy about it. Also it is advisable to delay the process by eating healthy and using hair products that will add body to your hair.

It is highly recommended that one avoids plaiting tightly as this happens to cause hair loss. It is normal to loose hair on the hair line due to tight plaiting but it is a situation that can be avoided because it makes ones hair to look ugly. Know whether your hair loss is normal and take charge of the situation as soon as possible in order to achieve healthy good looking hair.